Our teams are built of the most talented professionals in the field

  • R&D – the A-team. Work with the most advanced technology in the market. Constantly improve and learn new skills. Help develop our unique CRM
  • Operations – a growing department in charge of the customer relations from the moment of purchase and throughout the process. Be the link between the technology and the customers
  • Product – planning and designing our unique products according to our customers needs. We are in charge of the business strategy behind the product
  • Marketing- get the word out there! Create, design and help build the Proftit brand. From Marketing Materials to conferences – we don’t rest
  • HR – we make sure that the right people enter our team and we make sure they want to stay. From recruiting to fun days, we make our employees satisfied

Devotion, Collaboration, Creativity


Join our team and enjoy the benefits:

  • Weekly Happy Hours
  • Exciting Outings
  • Fun Days
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Great People and a Great Atmosphere