Posted on February 17, 2020 By PROFTIT

How critical is a dedicated CRM

For countless years, businesses have been throwing around the acronym CRM, but what exactly is CRM? It all depends on who you ask. If you ask technology people, probably the majority will tell you it’s a piece of software that lets you manage customers. If you ask “old-school” service oriented business people, they will tell you it’s a methodology, a systematic approach of taking care of customers.  The fact is, in today’s times, it is both, and more…

The Holy Grail

The challenge in our technology driven world is that we are all led to believe that a miracle piece of software is going to change our lives, change the way we serve customers and we are going to reap endless rewards by simply implementing this holy grail software.
Stop for a moment and think about what does CRM actually stand for… it stands for CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. Now, since I last checked, and even with the latest artificial intelligence, humans cannot have a relationship with software; it’s simply not possible.
Take another moment and think about how many times you call a company for service and the person on the other end of the phone is rude, obnoxious and incompetent. The odds are pretty good they have a complex and advanced CRM in front of them, yet this miracle software simply doesn’t change the people and make them friendly or more service oriented.

People Deal with People

The fact is, up until about 25-30 years ago, computers were few and business people had to actually build relationships with customers without software. They spoke to them, listened to them, looked at pictures of their kids and slowly, they forged true relationships based on loyalty and trust.
Now, in our fast-paced world, we all tend to think that a CRM platform is going to build relationships and improve our businesses, but it’s not. CRM is simply a tool that helps us in managing our customer relationships and if we take a lesson from the “old-school” and apply their methodology with CRM technology, well then, that’s when we become unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

Jack of All Trades, A Master of None

One of the industries today that is highly dependent on customer relationship management is the forex industry. Besides needing to know basic information about the customer, having insight into how you acquired them, what they are spending, which assets are they trading, and most importantly, how to ensure maximum life-time value, is crucial and this is where CRM technology takes center stage.
Not all CRM solutions are built equal and FX brokers face various challenges with their chosen solutions. Firstly, they have been sold off-the-shelf CRM solutions with customization. Now, not to say this is a complete failure, but have the underlying business processes been fixed or at least defined properly? This is particularly evident with newer businesses that are still finding their feet. The biggest issue that most brokerages faces is they end up adapting the business to fit the software as opposed to the software fitting the business.
Just remember, bad business processes that get automated, simply make bad business processes happen faster…
The second issue that many brokers face is they keep adding more standalone bespoke technologies that often don’t integrate with each other. So now, instead of having a streamlined business, staff have to learn and manage multiple platforms and to spend more time trying to extract data and manage themselves, than applying this time to managing customers.

The Master of FX

PROFTIT is the first and only business automation and management solution for FX brokers that is a single platform and console, to manage every area of a brokerage. From the first click that a customer makes, through to sales and every retention marketing activity and more, each element is tracked and can be reported on. No matter if you have a single brand with one call center and one trading platform, or if you have multiple brands, multiple trading platforms, numerous call centers, all over the globe, PROFTIT can handle it all. By having a single console with in depth analytics and reporting, better business decisions can be made faster. When it comes to managing sales reps, PROFTIT has all the tools and information on tap for sales people to do their job even better plus, with built in Gamification features, motivating staff is a cinch.

The “Secret Sauce”

The real secret sauce as to why PROFTIT outperforms all other CRM and automation solutions for FX brokers, is it is built and supported by a team who have extensive industry experience. It’s this in-depth knowledge of what processes work and don’t work that gives PROFTIT its true edge.  PROFTIT was built with true customer relationship management in mind, with that “old-school” passion for customer service, plus PROFTIT does not sell solutions to 50 different niches, it’s about as focused as you can get for brokerages.

If you going to do something, do it the right way or not at all…
PROFTIT truly covers the entire funnel, from managing marketing campaigns to sales reps, down to in depth analytics and reporting; gone are the days of spreadsheets, post-it notes and half-baked solutions.  It’s time to put the meaning back into CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT with PROFTIT.

So, is PROFTIT a platform or a methodology?

It’s both! It’s a platform that has been carefully crafted around proven methodologies and processes, to deliver exceptional results.  Contact PROFTIT today for a test-drive!


PROFTIT is a purpose-built business automation and management solution for forex and binary options operators. PROFTIT is a comprehensive solution that is designed around the most efficient business processes and practice and when implemented, empowers all users to do more and achieve more. Contact PROFTIT for a free consultation today and learn more about optimizing your organization.