Posted on February 17, 2020 By PROFTIT

MT4 Brokers caught using performance enhancers

In our competitive world, finding ways to improve performance and to be number 1 is a top priority. Whether you are an athlete, sales person or a CEO, everyone wants a competitive edge to push them further and faster. Now, it seems that MT4 brokers have a way to boost and enhance their performance… legally of course!

The challenge that almost every brokerage has is creating efficiency, so the first steps most organizations take is implementing technology, trading platforms, email, CRM, VOIP, call centers, analytics and reporting, and others. Once the business is surrounded by all these technologies and solutions, that are supposed to make them more efficient, they actually become less efficient because users now have to juggle and shuffle between everything.

This is only the beginning of the problems ahead, because not every piece of technology being used is specifically designed for the intricate processes of a brokerage, so employees start using make-shift fixes; Excel spreadsheets, bespoke reporting, sticky notes and just about anything in conjunction with the multiple existing apps that will help them get their job done. As the business grows, the demand on employees increases so management hires more people and with more people, comes more “bubble-gum and sticky tape” workarounds.

What started as a lean, mean, efficient business is now a clunky, slow moving, inefficient barge, resulting in unhappy employees and ultimately, unhappy clients.

It really does not need to be this way! What if you had a single platform that tied together all your technology, that enabled users to do everything they need from one interface? Well, then you would have a performance enhancer. It would be like putting your organization on steroids and it’s legal.  This is where PROFTIT takes center stage!

PROFTIT is the first and only purpose built business automation platform for FX brokers. With deep integration into MetaTrader 4, brokers can manage their entire business from a single platform. PROFTIT has been designed to cover every process for running a brokerage and eliminates much of the technology bloat to create efficiency throughout the organization, with optimized workflows and automation.

With PROFTIT, from the very first click that a potential client makes, managing marketing campaigns and affiliates, through to sales, conversion, retention, analytics and more, is possible with a few clicks of a mouse, all from a single console. Now, with direct integration into MT4, users can perform a variety of tasks without ever having to access the MT4 Manager. Viewing a client’s details, portfolio, trading history, preferences, open positions and more is all possible.  Combine all of that with the built-in CRM, workflow and real-time business intelligence, staff can make decisions on the fly, and provide better customer service and support. Brokers using PROFTIT have been able to reduce their staff compliment and have successfully been able to achieve more.

The bottom line is that you can either work the hard way or you can work smart with PROFTIT – it is the only performance enhancer for brokers, giving its users the competitive edge they need in this industry.