Posted on March 22, 2020 By PROFTIT

Tips for Running a Call Center, with No Real Center

When it comes to running a staff of sales agents, it’s hard enough, let alone than when dealing with an out of control virus running riot and ruining your plans. In a time when people are expected to socially distance themselves from others, and everyone is in isolation (including your sales agents), motivating your staff is more important than ever.

With many people in quarantine, it really is a good time to talk, as people are desperate to reach out and connect with humans even more. You might even find that the fact that the pace of life has slowed down proves to be a major advantage to your sales team, as leads and potential clients have more time to talk.

Here are some tips on running a super motivated call center staff, even if they are dispersed and working from home.

1. Getting them out of bed is a great start- when working from home, staff can be lured to the dark side and might decide to have a lay in each morning. Short of kicking them out of bed, what can you do? Get them up and ready with an early morning daily sales meeting. A great opportunity for a quick Zoom conference each morning. This will ensure that a. they are out of bed and b. they are dressed. After all, there’s nothing less motivating than working from pajamas.

2. Distractions are rife – Maintaining motivation while home working is hard. There are so many kinds of distractions, which you don’t have to deal with when working from the office; the television, kids, the phone, Facebook and other social media. The trick here is to stay focused, to keep the pressure on and to keep checking in with your staff members to keep them focused.

3. Motivation is the name of the game – apart from hitting targets, salespeople and call center staff are often motivated directly by their environment. Sitting in a room with a whole bunch of other people also giving their sales patter is often a major motivator for call center staff. Suddenly the noise is gone, so how do you keep the motivation levels up? That’s where the daily sales meeting comes into its own. Over a morning and afternoon meeting get your team talking about their highlights, lowlights and figures – it’s time to compare notes and sales numbers. Competition is a great motivator.

Perhaps the best motivator of all though is the PROFTIT Achievement Centre. This is an amazing tool to control and motivate your staff that is working from home. It makes it very easy to control your employees even if you are not sitting next to them.

Here’s how it works:

It features a leaderboard where all the agents can see how the others are performing; who is bringing the greatest deposits plus every new deposit gets a round of applause and fireworks.  This highly motivates the agents.

Managers can create a new target (bounty target) on a slow day and can create a competition between agents eg. The first one to bring a $5000 net deposit will get a $50 bonus or everyone to bring in $5000 from now gets a prize. Competitions prove to be the best motivator there is in sales.

The system is entirely transparent and sales agents can see their performance in comparison to their teammates.

The CRM itself has another feature that is amazing for the motivation of remote employees, which is call logs. A manager can see who has been making calls, as the calls are automatically logged and even recorded inside the CRM. If a manager sees that one of the agents is not motivated he/she can send him a direct notification, or even move the lead to another less despondent sales agent.

Tools like the PROFTIT CRM and the Achievement Centre are the way that sales teams can keep motivated, no matter where they are working from.